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Milton ”Todd” Ault III

Not just a master of industry

Todd Ault IS an industry!

A born entrepreneur and self-made man, Todd wields his expertise in a massive range of financial markets, from real estate to private equity to commodities. His diverse and unique companies prove that there is no venture he has not conquered.

He’s intuitive. Todd is committed to sharing his experience, insights, and expansive knowledge through media, writing, and speaking.

Todd also has an unshakable determination. That drive landed him a successful 30 plus year career on Wall Street. That might have been enough for some, but bigger aspirations called, so he began to buy and found companies.

Todd’s specialty is acquiring undervalued assets and disruptive technologies that have major global impact. As the Founder of Ault Alliance (listed on the NYSE American: AULT), Todd’s companies span a myriad of industries, including cryptocurrencies, digital manufacturing technology, defense and aerospace, biotech, hospitality, corporate lending, and real estate.

Todd has a major fan following across all social media, where he hosts numerous shows that truly define “edu-tainment.” Other media appearances include features in Entrepreneur, Forbes, and numerous other television, radio, podcast, and digital outlets. His podcast has 50 million+ views on YouTube and 100K+ subscribers. Todd has also been hailed by investment gurus Brad Lea and Grant Cardone. Above all his many wins, Todd’s greatest endeavor is his personal empire – his family.

Todd Ault with Bitnile Racing Driver