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Who is Todd Ault?

Wall Street Veteran,
Chairman and CEO, Activist Investor, Business Coach…

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About Todd

Milton “Todd” Ault III

Todd Ault is a self-made man. Raised in a working class family in Orange County, California, Todd had an unshakable determination to make it big. His drive landed him a successful 30-plus year career on Wall Street. That might have been enough for some, but bigger aspirations called, so he set out to find and buy companies that he and his partners would grow and sell for hundreds of millions of dollars.

Todd’s specialty is acquiring undervalued assets and disruptive technologies that have major global impact, all to achieve exponential growth. As Executive Chairman and Founder of Ault Global Holdings, Todd’s companies span a diverse array of industries, including digital manufacturing technology, defense and aerospace, biotech, hospitality, corporate lending, and real estate.

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Ault-onomous Podcast

Todd is joined by headliners covering everything from business news, financial markets, celebrity culture, real estate trends, science & health, to life experiences.

Publicly Traded Companies

The Ault family of companies has a portfolio of publicly traded entities from Ault Global Holdings (DPW) to Alzamend Neuro (ALZN). These are traded on various American stock exchanges.


Real Estate

Ault Real Estate Partners invests in undervalued real estate assets. Learn how accredited investors can get involved in a real estate opportunity fund.

Private Equity

The Ault family of companies provides capital and leadership for promising startups and established companies. Learn about limited opportunities to get involved for accredited investors.


Other Investments

From ownership and investment in private companies to significant stock positions in publicly traded companies, learn about the diverse places Todd takes a position.

Activist Investments

Check out where Todd takes an activist position in undervalued and underperforming public companies to fuel growth and increase stock value.