Maps = $3 Billion

Who knew how valuable maps could be. Will UBER buy Nokia's maps business? I think yes.

Pot in Disaray

Would the federal government just make this happen. Let's fix this mess.

My Apologies to Travis Tygart and the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency.

TRAVIS TYGART & U.S. ANTI-DOPING AGENCY GOES ON A WHICH HUNT AND DESTROYS AN AMERICAN HERO. This was the headline. Lance you made me look like a fool, sadly, I really...

Brian Banks You rock!

This story makes me think of how messed up we can get. All young man should watch this. Milton "Todd" Ault III

Elon Musk on TED

Enjoy a wonderful talk with Elon Musk. Simply Great and worth watching. Milton "Todd" Ault III

The Battle Over Herbalife Intensifies

Carl is not going away. Milton "Todd" Ault III

The Fight over Herbalife. Could this get any better??

This battle is only in the 2nd inning, I see more fireworks. My money is with...

Apple down nearly $200 bucks a share!

Back in September I suggested Apple was over as far as the stock performance. Well damn that was an understatement as the the company seems to be getting too...

The water is safe, I would buy Facebook!!!

The earnings news on Facebook today sets the stage for a move up in FB's shares. Mobile is growing and this will likely be the big story. There...