Will Star Wars save Christmas?

Cannot wait for this film. Go Disney.

Maybe be time to Buy Glencore.

Is it time to start buying?? Start watching this company. Very big issues.

Ferrari’s IPO. Soon.

// You will have a chance to own a amazing world class brand. Watch this video and make up your own mind??? let us know your thoughts on...

Markets correct, China goes crazy!

  As always this just my opinion. When markets get crazy you should get buying great companies at great prices. I love Oil. Buy Oil stocks. DO NOT PAY...

AOL and Verizon, What a steal!!!

This deal offer all kinds of possibilities for Verizon. I like this move!

Maps = $3 Billion

Who knew how valuable maps could be. Will UBER buy Nokia's maps business? I think yes.

Pot in Disaray

Would the federal government just make this happen. Let's fix this mess.

My Apologies to Travis Tygart and the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency.

TRAVIS TYGART & U.S. ANTI-DOPING AGENCY GOES ON A WHICH HUNT AND DESTROYS AN AMERICAN HERO. This was the headline. Lance you made me look like a fool, sadly, I really...