Tuesday, November 20, 2018
Financial Thoughts

Financial Thoughts

Apple stock has no where to go but down.

While Apple the company is amazing, the stock on the other hand is done. Sure maybe there is 20% upside from here but I think the stock is...

Mark Cuban makes sense.

Mark sure makes a ton of sense. This is worth the watch. Milton Todd Ault III

Zynga’s CEO is spending his money.

I still think Zynga is a buy for a trade to $5 bucks. The assets and users make it a deal. Milton Todd Ault III

Henry Blodget says it best, Read this link about Apple.

DEAR APPLE: Congratulations--But Can We Now Agree That Your Patent Lawsuits Are Totally Lame? Above is the headline from Henry Blodget regarding the Apple patent lawsuit. Read this link below. http://www.businessinsider.com/apple-patent-lawsuits-2012-8

The Brooklyn Nets value doubles

When you play this video you will hear that the Nets have not made a profit in 10 plus years. I wonder how the net worth of the...

Is Warren Buffett a Trader or Investor?

I love to watch Wall Street pick apart Warren Buffett Trades. Milton Todd Ault III

Peter Thiel Sells More than 20M Facebook Shares

This is good news, Mr. Thiel owns shares as does his fund at a very low cost basis. Now that getting this sell is out of the way...

Facebook’s first investor ever can sell more shares.

Facebook's share price is under attack and there seems to be no let up the selling pressure. I would keep a eye on the stock as it's a...

Hedge Fund Bridgewater to Spend $750 Million on New Offices

Talk about Hedge Funds that make money. The link below is a must read. Milton Todd Ault III http://dealbook.nytimes.com/2012/08/15/bridgewater-to-spend-750-million-on-new-offices/?nl=business&emc=edit_dlbkpm_20120815

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