Monday, December 17, 2018
Financial Thoughts

Financial Thoughts

The PBOC and JPM are all Buyers of Digital Currency to...

The Peoples Bank of China (PBOC) has been making noise for more than a week now causing a sell off in the benchmark digital currencies as the world...

Apple launches $999 iPhone X in bid to Recover innovation lead

The screen on the iPhone X is about the size of the iPhone 7 plus, although the phone is smaller. It features colors called OLED that vendors are...

Bitcoin Mining and Hydro Power: Steve Kanaval on CEO Money

Click Here to listen.  Steve's interview on Hydro Electricity is at 3:35 in. Click here or on the link below.

Digital Power (NYSE:DPW) Creates Cryptocurrency Mining Division

Digital Power Corporation (NYSE:DPW)  announced today that it has launched a new business division dedicated to mining cryptocurrencies. The Company’s initial strategy is to mine the top ten...

Cryptocurrency Mining Is Confusing Semiconductor Makers’ GPU Trends

Wells Fargo's David Wong and his team take a look at the graphics processor unit (GPU) business for semiconductor companies, writing that GPUs continue to see high growth, a...

Manchester United IPO Prices at $14, Below Range

The initial public offering of English soccer club Manchester United Ltd. was priced below the price range. I have never really seen a sports team do well as a public company....

The water is safe, I would buy Facebook!!!

The earnings news on Facebook today sets the stage for a move up in FB's shares. Mobile is growing and this will likely be the big story. There...

The Crypto Revolution Has Begun

Novartis Posts a Win, Remains Standard of Care.

Novartis posts a win, Roche a flop in skin cancer trials. "This is somewhat sad, as a clinician, since there's definitely a clinical benefit here." Mekinist and Tafinlar...

How the Blockchain is Changing Money and Business | Don Tapscott

Blockchain is changing so many things and creating opportunities now imaginable and executable.  One of the best listens for our group at AMG..enjoy

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