Saturday, February 23, 2019
Financial Thoughts

Financial Thoughts

Jason Bond Writes About Digital Power (DPW) in His Newsletter

Re-posted Fully in it's entirety from Jason Bonds Website I bought 30,000 DPW at $.64 from Friday's watch list. Here's why I like it. After watching Bitcoin’s smashing through $5,000, and then...

Get long Natural GAS

ON Saturday the 5th of March I sent a message to my partners it's time to buy Natural Gas. UGAZ which is a ETF trading on a 3X...

Kinder Morgan (KMI) This is my best pick for 2016

Kinder Morgan Inc NYSE: KMI - Jan 20 1:23 PM EST 11.50 Price decrease 1.05 (8.37%) More updates later. I would start buying. Be smart!!!

Apple stock has no where to go but down.

While Apple the company is amazing, the stock on the other hand is done. Sure maybe there is 20% upside from here but I think the stock is...

Maybe be time to Buy Glencore.

Is it time to start buying?? Start watching this company. Very big issues.

Markets correct, China goes crazy!

  As always this just my opinion. When markets get crazy you should get buying great companies at great prices. I love Oil. Buy Oil stocks. DO NOT PAY...

Zynga’s CEO is spending his money.

I still think Zynga is a buy for a trade to $5 bucks. The assets and users make it a deal. Milton Todd Ault III

Henry Blodget says it best, Read this link about Apple.

DEAR APPLE: Congratulations--But Can We Now Agree That Your Patent Lawsuits Are Totally Lame? Above is the headline from Henry Blodget regarding the Apple patent lawsuit. Read this link below.

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