Think Tolling: Textiles are About to Become the Cash Cow


One industry that is due for a bump, is the textile industry. The days of  buying a $3.99 T-Shirt that was made with disgusting chemicals is in the rear view mirror, and it isn’t about T-Shirts, it is about the way the manufacturer takes a role in doing it the right way. The products we buy reflect a change in consumer buying patterns, and translate into a simple fact – that we are unwilling to accept that the manufacturer will continue to pollute our Earth- and these irresponsible companies are experiencing consumer scrutiny, as impact investing becomes a buzz word.

Companies will be required to adhere to a new set of rules, and not ignored loop hole driven laws, but real concern about poisoning the groundwater one T-Shirt at a time will be reflected in margins and the bottom line as the consumer votes with his/her feet.

Treating fabric has been done synthetically through chemical treatment which is about as hazardous as can be, and as the need to buy inexpensive clothing passes consumers think a step deeper about how they purchase products they know they will own for more than 7 years. Most consumers own a good garment for this long, and they think more deeply about these things than they every have before.  The consumer is going through a dramatic change of social consciousness.

As we walk out of the back end of the year 2017 I can tell you the average consumer would pay a few dollars more to know that the shirt, blouse or top they are wearing was laser treated to meet the normal fire retardant level previously done by dousing them in a chemical.  The industry is about to change, and the horses are out of the barn.  The ship is turning in the harbor – all fabric will be treated with a laser – but because it is 80% cheaper to do this, which really drives the equasion.  This is actually the thinking behind the changes in Digital Currency backed by blockchain.  The way stock will clear in the future will follow the 80% cheaper model blockchain will bring.

Textiles are about to introduce a product that (like blockchain) is 80% cheaper to treat garments so they satisfy flammable guidelines, and these manufacturers are preparing to create a paradigm shift in the industry – the consumer is demanding it !!