The Melt Up in Bitcoin, Ethereum, IOTA, Litecoin and Qtum Punish Short Sellers


Bitcoin sat dormant for 4 years for most market watchers.  It sat in a trading range from 2013 until May of 2017.  Four full years trading between $1200 and back to $200, and it drew a small band of curiosity seekers who wanted to learn about this new investment vehicle. Then markets started to heat up and now Digital Currencies are in the media cycle everyday.  These 865 coins are gathering a unique global audience not seen in investing throughout history.  Cryptocurrencies are the outgrowth of the dissatisfaction and populist movements which resulted in Brexit and President Trump.

In May of this year the prices started to Melt Up trading from the $1200 resistance, blew through it to $5000 and opened the floodgates for the Cryptocurrency markets to explode into burgeoning ICO markets, explosive and profitable mining businesses and has sprouted multiple Digital Currency Funds that caught the ire and attention of everyone from the PBOC , the SEC and Jamie Dimon. It is becoming hazardous to make calls about this paradigm shift being a bubble.  They also called the internet move a bubble, and are unrealistic about driver less cars and space travel.

The SEC, Jamie Dimon and the PBOC all have a similar concerns, in that, they do not control the game, as Peer to Peer trading via the block chain puts traditional investing, securitized assets and currency flows in the gun sites of global demand. Investors are tired of paying fees to un-scrupled behemoth banks, and are questioning the effectiveness of FIAT Currency in a world that is changing rapidly. Technology has put man on a vaulted path and we are listening.

American investors, Chinese investors, Russian investors, all Global investors are now watching the moves in digital currency as it becomes the – go to – flight to quality – investment of choice.  The cat is out of the bag now, and you cannot put her back in.