To ICO or not to #ICO, Is that the Finance Question for 2017?


IT Business Development Director at Axis Research & Technologies

Here are some great resources to help you consider what should not be overlooked as you navigate your ICO Challenge. Either as an issuer or as an investment, I mean opportunity, there are more things to consider than what first meets the eye. Despite what the media reports the blockchain it’s self actually provides help in this area as an immutable decentralized distributed ledger system that can help to provide transparency and trust to a new business and technology. This is why so many smart & reputable people are on board the technology. Still not sure… read on.

The blockchain has far more to offer than just ICO’s and Crypto, but ICO’s are a hot topic of late with “companies” raising “millions in minutes” the SEC, China, Floyd Mayweather Jr. and even Paris Hilton jumping into the ICO news.

Check these links for valuable insight and many great recommendations to help you decipher the fact from fiction and for you to seriously consideration before putting your wallet, or even more importantly your reputation on the line.

A good write up with a checklist for your ICO. –

A good short post explaining why you should be concerned with the CFTC not the SEC (If you do things right.) –

A great Write up By William Mougayar ICOs –

An article by Vitalik Buterin on Analyzing Token Sale Models –

Andreas M. Antonopoulos on ICO’s –

So there are more sites and books I can recommend, but the above links are a great start with several offer more links to get you started down the rabbit hole. But let’s just stop comparing all cryptocurrencies and ICO’s as being equal. They are not, just as all stocks & bonds or commodities and currencies are not the same. Neither are companies or as non-PC as it is, neither are people. We are not the same, and we are better for it. Just as I believe this diversity in cause and purpose we are about to see enter the ICO and crypto space is a good thing. We don’t need one ring, I mean coin to rule them all. But that is another rabbit hole. So for now I hope you enjoy learning from the info in the above links and you come away with a better understanding of if you should issue or invest in that ICO. Please share what you agree and disagree with so we can continue to share and learn.

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