Get long Natural GAS


ON Saturday the 5th of March I sent a message to my partners it’s time to buy Natural Gas.

UGAZ which is a ETF trading on a 3X leverage to the price of Natural Gas is the way I would trade Natural Gas.

More on this later. This morning we started buying at $.71 cents. It’s very leveraged to the price of NAT GAS so be prepared fro huge swings in price.

Symbol again is UGAZ

Update. A word of warning Nat Gas price has moved only $.06 cents but that is a 11% move in the price of UGAZ. ONLY BUY if you think, like I do you want to be long NAT GAS. You won’t pick a bottom I promise!!!

See Chart for the last year!!! Blood in the streets on this.

The decline of NAT GAS
The decline of NAT GAS