Travis Tygart & U.S. Anti-Doping Agency goes on a which Hunt and destroys an American hero.


We live in a country that is supposed to hold dear the concept “innocent before proven guilty”. That is the principle verbatim. We see that premise throughout our justice system, not so perfectly at times, and in many parts of our society. We hear this dear concept in our homes, in our schools, in many of our publicly-run institutions and in our hearts as Americans. It is apart of the idealism that America’s greatness was built on.

I say this dearly beloved ideal is DEAD!, no longer true in America. Why do I say this? Again this week we have been provided a clear example of how this is not true through our news media and the Internet. Lance Armstrong came back from cancer and won the Tour de France 7 times in addition to other national and international cycling competitions. These facts will never change. Why do we cheer and build people up in this nation, and once they have achieved success, fame, fortune and are “on top”, “we” try to destroy them.

How many drug tests does Lance Armstrong need to take to prove that he was clean? These tests were required and approved by various professional and nationally renown organizations but that simple basic fact doesn’t matter now. It is not taken into consideration when discussing the alleged doping by Lance Armstrong. Because of testimony by former friends and acquaintances of Lance Armstrong, we don’t believe the actual test results. We discount their validity and fail to recognize the sheer circumstantial evidence currently being bantered about and accumulated over the many years is NOT fact. We as a society have fallen victim to doubt and lost our principles. Our ideals have been forsaken not only by those in sports and in government, by those in the media and by much of the public.

In this video Skip Bayless claims that a person’s testimony is not circumstantial and makes himself out to be a bigger blowhard then he already is.

What has happened to Lance Armstrong is wrong and what he may endure in the near future will be an utter travesty. We have here folks in the end another example of over-zealous regulators and highly pious media who are quick to judge. In a few years from now we will start reading stories in the media and hear them on the news of how Lance Armstrong has come back after being torn down by the very society that supported and cheered him on for so long. We will hear about the personal and public battles he fought to return to be favored once again. The very same media who condemn now will build him back up, again.

I think what has happened to Lance Armstrong today should be noted as one of the saddest days in sports history. It has taken place by the hands of an agency based in the USA, by a group whom seems committed to destroying not only Lance Armstrong but America and what we believe in.

I believe no one will ever take away what Lance Armstrong has meant and still means to America; NOT even Lance.

Milton Todd Ault III